Pm Vishwakarma Yojana Apply 2024: Login & Check status

The PM Vishwakarma Yojana is a new plan started by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on September 17, 2023. It helps craftsmen and artisans in India to earn more money. The plan includes 18 different types of traditional work. People doing these jobs can get help.

The government will give loans up to ₹3 lakh without needing something to guarantee it. First, they will give ₹2 lakh, and then ₹1 lakh. This money helps people to start their own work.To use this plan, you need to know if you can apply and what papers you need. To find out all about this, you should read more information carefully until the end.

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The Main Motive Of The PM Vishwakarma Yojana

The PM Vishwakarma Yojana is a program started by the Indian government. It helps people who make things by hand, like artisans and craftsmen, to learn new skills, use better tools, and do business online. They also get a special certificate after they finish their training. The government has chosen 18 types of businesses for this program and has set aside Rs 13,000 crore to support it. This money is to help many artisans and craftsmen who use old-fashioned tools to work.

This program will go on for 5 years, until the year 2027-28. People who want to join this program can sign up on the PM Vishwakarma Registration Portal online.information carefully until the end.

Name of the SchemeBeneficiaryApplication TypeDepartmentOfficial WebsiteOnline/Offline
PM Vishwakarma YojanaArtisans and craftspeopleRegistration for benefitsMinistry of Micro, Small and Medium

Benefits Of Viswakarma Yojana

The PM Vishwakarma Yojana offers several benefits to craftspeople:

  • Skill Training: Craftspeople get training to help them find jobs. They also receive Rs 500 every day during the training, which lasts at least 15 days.
  • Toolkit Incentive: At the start of their training, craftspeople get Rs 15,000 as an e-voucher to buy toolkits.
  • Loan Assistance: The scheme provides low-interest loans to craftspeople so they can start their own businesses. They can get up to Rs 3 lakh without a guarantee. The loan is given in two parts: Rs 1 lakh first and then Rs 2 lakh, over 18 and 30 months. The loans have an 8% interest rate, but the government gives a discount of 8%.
  • Digital Incentive: For every digital payment they make or receive, craftspeople get Re 1, up to 10 times a month.
  • Certificate: After free job training, craftspeople get a PM Vishwakarma Certificate ID Card, which gives them a unique identity.

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What Are The Trades Come Under The PM Viswakarma Yojana

The PM Vishwakarma Scheme, launched on 17th September 2023, aims to benefit artisans and craftspeople across India. Here’s a list of 18 trades initially covered under the scheme:

  1. First One is Carpenter (Suthar/Badhai): Self-employed artisans who work with wood to make or repair wooden products.
  2. Boat Maker: Artisans who create, alter, or repair wooden boats.
  3. Armourer: Craftsmen involved in manufacturing, repairing, or servicing arms like swords, shields, and knives.
  4. Therefore Blacksmith (Lohar): Skilled workers who forge metals (iron, copper, brass, or bronze) using traditional tools.
  5. Hammer and Tool Kit Maker: Artisans who forge metal tools.
  6. Locksmith: Small-scale artisans who assemble, install, and repair locks.
  7. Goldsmith (Sonar): Craftsmen specializing in gold and silver jewelry.
  8. Potter (Kumhaar): Artisans working with clay to create pottery.
  9. Sculptor (Moortikar/Stone Carver/Stone Breaker): Skilled in stone carving and sculpture.
  10. Cobbler (Charmakar/Shoesmith/Footwear Artisan): Craftsmen who make or repair footwear.
  11. Mason (Rajmistri): Workers skilled in construction and masonry.
  12. Basket/Mat/Broom Maker/Coir Weaver: Artisans creating woven products.
  13. Doll & Toy Maker (Traditional): Craftsmen producing traditional dolls and toys.
  14. Barber (Naai): Self-employed barbers.
  15. Garland Maker (Malakaar): Artisans specializing in garland-making.
  16. Washerman (Dhobi): Laundry workers.
  17. Tailor (Darzi): Skilled in tailoring and garment-making.
  18. Fishing Net Maker: Craftsmen involved in making fishing nets.

Before applying for the PM Vishwakarma Scheme, ensure that your trade falls under these eligible categories

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Registeration Process Onto The PM Viswakarma Website

To apply for the PM Vishwakarma Yojana 2024, you can follow these streamlined steps:

Certainly! Here’s a simplified and SEO-friendly explanation of the steps to register for the PM Vishwakarma Yojana:

  • Select CSC Login: From the dropdown, choose “CSC Login,” then select “CSC- View E-Shram Data.”
  • Log In: Use your CSC User Name and Password to log in.
  • View E-Shram Data: As a CSC user, you can see E-Shram registered applicant details. Contact those applicants and register them for PM Vishwakarma Yojana.
  • Register Artisans:
    • Select “CSC- Register Artisans” from the Login dropdown.
    • Log in using your CSC credentials.
  • Login Credentials
    • Answer “No” to questions about government employees in your family and previous credit/loan facilities.
    • Enter the Aadhaar Linked Mobile Number and verify the OTP.
    • Perform Aadhaar authentication using biometrics.
  • Complete the Registration Form:
    • Personal Details: Some information (like Name, Date of Birth, Gender) will be fetched from Aadhaar. Specify marital status, category, and whether the artisan is Divyangjan.
    • Contact Details: Mobile Number and Aadhaar Number will be auto-filled. Add the Pan Card Number if available.
    • Family Details: If linked, the ration card number and family details will be populated; otherwise, enter them manually.
    • Address Details: Aadhaar address, State, District, and PIN code will be auto-filled. Choose whether the artisan comes under Gram Panchayat or not.
    • Profession/Trade Details: Select the Artisan’s Profession/Trade Name and declare if it’s a family profession. Specify the business address.
    • Savings Bank Details: Provide bank account information.

That’s it! You’re now registered for the PM Vishwakarma Yojana

By following these steps, you can efficiently apply for the PM Vishwakarma Yojana and avail of its offerings.

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PM viswakarma Yojana Online Registeration

To begin the registration process for the PM Vishwakarma Yojana in 2024, follow these steps:

  1. Start by accessing the official website:
  2. Complete the registration by providing essential personal details such as your Aadhar card number, passbook details, and bank account number. Additionally, attach copies of relevant educational certificates.
  3. It’s advisable to carefully review the guidelines provided on the website to ensure accurate and successful registration.
  4. After submitting your registration online, monitor the beneficiary list to confirm your approval for the benefits under the PM Vishwakarma Yojana.

Process to check the Application Status

To check the application status of the PM Vishwakarma scheme, you can follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official website of the PM Vishwakarma scheme.
  2. On the homepage, select the option for the PM Vishwakarma scheme.
  3. After selecting the option, you will be redirected to another page.
  4. On this new page, you will need to fill out the form with the required details to check your application status. This may include your registration number and Aadhar number².
  5. Once you have completed the application form with the correct information, click on the ‘check status’ button to submit your request.

Eligibility Criteria For Pm Viswakarma

To be eligible for the PM Vishwakarma Yojana, the following criteria must be met:

  • The applicant must be a citizen of India.
  • The applicant must be 18 years of age or older.
  • The scheme is open to artisans and craftsmen involved in traditional professions.
  • Only one individual per family is permitted to benefit from this scheme.
  • Government employees and their relatives are not eligible for this scheme.
  • The applicant’s bank account must be linked with their Aadhaar card.

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Pm Viswakarma Yojana CSC Login Online

The PM Vishwakarma Yojana is an initiative aimed at supporting skilled artisans and workers. Here’s how you can access the CSC Login option for the PM Vishwakarma Yojana online:

  • Click on the “login” drop-down menu.
  • Select “CSC Login” from the dropdown options.
  • Choose “CSC- View E-Shram Data”.
  • Log in using your CSC User Name and Password.
  • You’ll be able to view E-Shram registered applicant details and proceed with PM Vishwakarma registration.

Remember, the PM Vishwakarma Yojana aims to empower skilled workers, including blacksmiths, goldsmiths, potters, carpenters, sculptors, artisans, and masons. It provides training, technology, credit, and market support to enhance their livelihoods.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about PM Vishwakarma Yojana:

What is Pradhan Mantri Vishwakarma Scheme?

  • PM Vishwakarma is a Central Sector Scheme launched by the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. Its purpose is to provide holistic and end-to-end support to artisans and craftspeople. The support includes:
    • Collateral-free credit
    • Skill training
    • Modern tools
    • Incentives for digital transactions
    • Market linkage support².

Who is the target beneficiary of the Scheme?

  • The target beneficiaries are artisans and craftspeople who work with their hands and tools. These traditional artisans, often referred to as ‘Vishwakarmas’, engage in occupations such as blacksmiths, goldsmiths, potters, carpenters, sculptors, and more⁴.

Which category of trades are covered in the scheme?

  • The scheme covers a wide range of trades, including but not limited to:
    • Blacksmiths
    • Goldsmiths
    • Potters
    • Carpenters
    • Sculptors
    • Artisans
    • Masons
    • And more.

What are the key components of PM Vishwakarma?

  • The key components include:
    • Collateral-free credit
    • Skill training
    • Modern tools provision
    • Incentives for digital transactions
    • Market linkage support.

What are the eligibility criteria of the Scheme?

  • Detailed eligibility criteria can be found on the official PM Vishwakarma website. Generally, it targets artisans and craftspeople who work with their hands and tools.

How to avail benefits under the Scheme?

  • To avail benefits, eligible individuals can register on the PM Vishwakarma portal and follow the prescribed process.

Which documents are required to be provided during registration on PM Vishwakarma portal?

  • The specific documents needed for registration are outlined on the official portal. Applicants should ensure they provide accurate information.

Which lending institutions can provide credit under the Scheme?

  • Various lending institutions participate in providing credit under the scheme. Details can be obtained during the application process.

What is the amount of initial loan under the scheme?

  • The initial loan amount may vary based on individual circumstances and requirements. Specifics can be obtained through the application process.

Is there any penalty for repayment of loan before the scheduled date?

Details regarding loan repayment terms and penalties are available through the scheme guidelines.

What kind of skill training is provided under the scheme?

Skill training covers various trades and crafts, enhancing the capabilities of beneficiaries.

What is the amount of incentive for digital transactions?

The scheme provides incentives for digital transactions, but the exact amount may vary.

What kind of marketing support is provided under the scheme?

Marketing support aims to link artisans with markets, promoting their products and skills.

Can a government employee apply for PM Vishwakarma?

Eligibility criteria determine whether government employees can apply. Refer to the official guidelines for specifics.

What is the definition of a family in PM Vishwakarma?

The scheme defines family structures based on its guidelines.

How many members of a family can apply for PM Vishwakarma?

The scheme’s provisions specify the number of eligible family members.

Can a person who has availed PMEGP, PM SVanidhi, or PM Mudra loan apply for PM Vishwakarma?

ALso Eligibility criteria will determine if previous loan recipients can apply. Refer to the official guidelines for clarity.

Can a beneficiary of PM Vishwakarma apply for PMEGP?

The scheme’s guidelines will provide clarity on this matter.

Can a resident of Ladakh enroll on the PM Vishwakarma website through CSC if their Aadhaar card mentions “Jammu & Kashmir” as their address?

Moreover Specifics regarding enrollment can be obtained through the official channels²\.

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