PMKVY 4.0 Training, Online Apply Online & Benifits

The Government of India through the PMKVY 4.0 program provides free skill training to the youth. This training includes modern technical skills such as coding and computer skills, as well as more traditional skills.


If you are interest you can enroll in PMKVY 4.0 in 2024. You will also get scholarship from the government to support your studies. Want to know if you can join? Looking for a training center near you? Need to know how to register? You can find all those details and more in this guide: “PMKVY 4.0 Registration 2024.” It is easy to understand and gives you all the information you need.

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Overview of PMKVY 4.0

In 2015, the Government of India launched the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana, a free various skills training program for youth. This is part of the Skill India Mission. The program grew into three phases, called PMKVY 1, 2, and 3. Now, the fourth phase, PMKVY 4.0, is being planable with new legislation in the 2023 budget that enables youth to learn the required skills on free of charge in labor. The government pays tuition for the training centres. So far, about 1.5 million students have joined these centers and learned skills that will help them find jobs.

Procedure To Apply The PMKVY 4.0

You can follow these steps to apply online for Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY).

  • First of all you have to Visit the official website of PMKVY
  • Click on the “Quick Links” section and then select the “Skill India” link.
  • Click on “Register As a Candidate” on the Skill India Portal.
  • Complete the registration form with basic information, location information, preferences, applicable programs and areas of interest.
  • Hence Enter all the required information and click on the “Submit” button to complete the registration process.

Remember to take a printout of the completed application for future reference. For detailed information you can visit official PMKVY or Skill India website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is PMKVY 4.0

Ans: PMKVY 4.0 is a government initiative in India aims at skill development. It provides short-term training to young people to help them secure a job.

Q: Who can join PMKVY

Ans: The program is open to Indian citizens who are looking to improve their skills and find employment. Specific eligibility criteria are outlined in the program’s guidelines.

Q: What kind of training does PMKVY 4.0 offer?

Ans: PMKVY 4.0 offers various training programs across different sectors. These are designed to match the current job market demands.

Q: How long does the training last?

Ans: The duration of the training varies depending on the chosen program. It can range from a few weeks to a few months.

Q : Is there any cost to join the training?

Ans: The training under PMKVY 4.0 is generally free for the participants, as it is funded by the government.

Q: How can I apply for PMKVY 4.0?

Ans: You can apply through the official PMKVY website or visit a nearby authorized training center

Q: Will I get a job after completing the training?

Ans: While the program aims to enhance employability, getting a job is not guaranteed. However, it significantly improves your chances of employment.

Q Is there a certificate provided after training?

Ans: Yes, participants who successfully complete their training receive a certificate, which can help in job applications

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